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409 Union Road, North Albury, New South Wales 0411 190 853
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My name is Nikki Grae. I am an experienced educator, Transformational NLP Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® Educator, and Holistic Doula. I am the birth mother of four beautiful children; and a very proud grandmother to two beautiful HypnoBirthing® babies, whose amazing births I assisted.
The birth of my first born left me with a sense of awe! Her birth was gentle, loving, ecstatic, and a deeply empowering and transformational experience. Through my life’s journey – my growth as a woman and as a mother – I have come to understand the significance of having the right care, guidance, education, and support in pregnancy and birth. My own experiences and those of others around me have cemented my understanding of how these lay the foundations for the new lives and help nurture family bonds.
As a Holistic Therapist, my mission is to provide holistic support and to nurture the birthing woman in all aspects of her life. My mission is to empower her as she transforms into her role as mother….the most rewarding experience that life has to offer.
“We can change the world we live in one birth at a time.”

Name Nikki Grae
Business Name HypnoCalm - Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Services
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Phone Number 0411 190 853
Doula since 2016
Standard Fee $1,298
Services and Pricing information

Premium HypnoCalm Doula Package
Initial meeting to discuss your needs and wants; establishing your vision for your baby’s birth.
Standard set of three prenatal sessions (1.5 hrs per session).
Birth preparation and education – understanding the physiology and psychology of labour and birth.
Meditation and healing tutorials and training.
Techniques for optimum birth and positioning of your baby.
Birth mapping, understanding who does what, caring for the mother.
Birth planning – develop your internal and external resources
Reliable and consistent support – face to face, email, or online (or a combination thereof).
Complete Labour & Birth Support (includes comfort maximizing strategies).
Your choice of Hypnosis/HypnoBirthing® techniques or progressive relaxation.
On call service.
Will take photos/film if requested.
2 Post-natal sessions: full support and debriefing/birth resolution.
Save 10% on Well-being Services, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, and Education ProgramsYour investment normally $1298 (monthly payment plans available on request)

Antenatal - Birth Planning
Childbirth Education
Childbirth Education - Hypnobirthing
Postnatal - Birth Debriefing
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Holistic Fertility & Birth Services, HypnoBirthing®, Holistic Birth Doula

Birth is amazing, beautiful, intense, challenging, rewarding and can be unpredictable; but with preparation, knowledge and the right type of support at your side you can help ensure a positive and empowering birth experience for you and your baby
Hello and Welcome to HypnoCalm Your Center for Holistic Fertility Pregnancy & Birth Services.
My name is Nikki Grae. I am an experienced educator, Transformational NLP Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® Educator, and Birth Doula. I am the birth mother of four beautiful children and a very proud grandmother to two beautiful HypnoBirthing® babies, whose amazing & calm births I assisted.
Are you pregnant? Have you begun to think about how you want to birth your baby? If this is your first child you may be experiencing a range of emotions around the birth and bringing a new life into your world. Or perhaps you are preparing to bring another child into your life, and want to ensure a more satisfying birthing experience for you and your baby this time around.
Are you planning to become pregnant? Looking to provide the best possible foundations for your pregnancy? Perhaps you are experiencing setbacks in in becoming pregnant; and are now considering or undergoing fertility treatment or other fertility support.
Whatever has brought you here, HypnoCalm offers you a range of services that will educate and empower you to release unconscious blocks, enhance fertility, and to take control of your pregnancy and birthing experience.
You will learn powerful hypnotic and mindset techniques; as well as how your body works in perfect harmony to birth your baby in a calm, relaxed, and joyful way. You will learn to unlock your innate, primal birthing ability.
HypnoCalm Birth utilises a combination of Clinical Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method, and Personalised Holistic Doula Support to educate, empower, and heal the unconscious blocks and stresses that inhibit our natural birthing process.
Take a look around our website to find our how we can assist you. We are available to answer any of your questions so please email or call us on Mobile: 0411 190 853.
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Address 409 Union Road, North Albury, New South Wales
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