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  • You do not need to fill in every section of the advanced search. You could just use one or two if you like and leave the others blank.
  • If you are searching using the postcode filter you must select a radius (‘auto’ will only bring up doulas who are located in that exact postcode).
  • The price filter may severely reduce your search results. Be aware that some doulas list their hourly rate in the price section while others list their standard package fee.
  • If you are having trouble getting any results, we recommend you use less filters in the advanced search.

Clarifying “Type of Doula”

  • An ANTENATAL DOULA provides stand alone services in the antenatal period. This may include services such as childbirth education, birth planning or group support.
  • A BIRTH DOULA provides support primarily during the birth. Their package will usually include some antenatal visits to get to know you and a postnatal visit to debrief the birth or provide preliminary postnatal support.
  • A BEREAVEMENT DOULA provides specialised support in relation to pregnancy loss and perinatal death.
  • A POSTNATAL DOULA provides specialised support during the postnatal period.
  • A STUDENT DOULA is still completing their training as a birth doula or postnatal doula. They often provide support at discounted rates.

Please contact us if you need help locating a doula near you!


Birth Doula (78)
Antenatal Doula (66)
Postnatal Doula (64)
Student Doula (15)
Bereavement Doula (6)

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