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Megan Jones

Megan Jones is a mother, a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, a fully qualified massage therapist and aromatherapist and has studied in the fields of naturopathy and nutrition. Megan has a passi
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Nichola Kinnane

Congratulations on your pregnancy and congratulations on moving towards having the most evidence based labour support in the birthing room,… a doula! I began my journey in the world of birth 9 y

Nikki Grandjean

You are embarking on the greatest, most transformational, exciting and sacred journey you will experience in life. It can be an incredibly empowering experience with the right support and the right in

Saira Allen

I am passionate about helping women through the early stages of motherhood as I know the struggles I faced after my first born didn’t have to be the norm for all mothers. As a certified Postpartum D
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Natalie Meade

My belief about birth: As a womans’ birth is approaching – I believe there is nothing more important than her enjoying: her needs; her wants; her hopes; and, her dreams. And it is my pleas

Alison Asser

Hi! My name is Alison. I am a birthing and post natal Doula, Day & Night Nanny. I studied to become a doula under Karen Scanlen -Embracing Birth in Newcastle. I am a mother of 3 beautiful grown up

Cassie Cooke

Hi… I am a mum of 4 beautiful kids with a passion for pregnancy and birth. I am currently studying with bebo mia to become a certified doula. While studying I will be taking a few free clients t
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Michelle Bohatko

I  enhance the experiences of birthing women across the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter Valley districts by providing unwaivering emotional support,  evidence-based education and hands-on assi
0411 360 593

Clancy Allen

I see birth as an opportunity to meet ourselves, to better know ourselves, to become more self-aware and as a transformative rite of passage. Your birth matters. It really does. You, and your choices
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Trudy Harvey

HI, My name is Trudy I am currently a Student Doula, i completed my face to face learning and have been supporting Mums to be Birthing Mums and Mums in their journey of motherhood through knowledge fr
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Ingrid Clark

I’m a trained Birth & Postpartum Doula working on the NSW Central Coast. I’ve teamed up with a beautiful midwife, Jenny Milligan, and together we are The Nurtury. I’m passionate