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Rosie Rick

Hi! I’m Rosie. I am passionate about the care of mothers. I believe a mother deserves to be given all the tools she wants and needs to birth her babies. I am a strong advocate for supporting wom

Catherine Bell

Catherine is a Birth Cartographer, author of ‘The Birth Map: boldly going where not birth plan has gone before’. The book takes you through the Informed Birth Preparation process, helping

Kylie Coad

I’m a mother, local Doula and passionate advocate for informed choice in birth at Home or in Hospital. I Offer: Valuable pre/post Childbirth education Hypnobirthing classes for couples Baby Yoga &a
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Kellie Hermes

Hi! I’m Kellie Hermes- doula, body artist and mother of 4. Before I started my doula journey in 2012, I spent 16 years in the hospitality industry. Drawing from that experience and passion for b

Kristie Barlow

Located in Canberra, I support women to feel seen, heard and valued. By facilitating connections with themselves, their babies, families and community I enable and support women to feel empowered, con

Lisa Knight

My name is Lisa and I’m a mum of three boys who are in the mysterious, yet wonderful world of teenage-hood. I’ve been a social worker for many years, supporting women and children in a range of di

Megan Muir

I’m Megan! SOULFUL Doula, birth bestie & leader of POWERFUL rebirths! Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fourth, navigating the system, learning and understanding your options for c

Becky Francine

I have extensive knowledge and experience working holistically with birth and breath. My background is in health sciences naturopathy and I currently practice as a birth doula and breathwork practitio

Antonia Anderson

I help new mothers in Canberra overcome sleep deprivation, exhaustion and burnout, so they can feel relaxed and confident during the postnatal transformation. Like many of my clients, I relocated to C
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Ebony Barnes

I live in Canberra, I have completed studies in nursing, nutrition, breastfeeding and lactation. I have also completed training as a birth and postnatal doula and are currently working towards becomin
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I have been providing in person face-to-face Doula services in the ACT & NSW since 2014; I also provide services in other areas of Australia (usually by virtual meets, but also face-to-face) where

Kristie Barlow

* Are you wanting to avoid the constant (well meaning but often unnecessary and conflicting) advice that society, experts, strangers and even your close friends and family are constantly showering you