April 17, 2018 10:17 pm

Last online April 23, 2018 8:05 pm

Hello, my name is Romina Gardella, and im the Doula and Inside Birth Childbirth Educator behind Soul_Birth.

My journey as a Doula began with my own birth experience, and as I had that moment of realisation of acknowledging the power within me, and every woman, I recognised how vaualble the right support is to achieve an empowered and beautiful birth experience. Someone with the knowledge, compassion,truth, support and respected care that a woman deserves during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. I wanted to be this woman that supports woman... and now I am.

I will be there to guide you through your choices so that you can make these important decisions with an unbiassed and supported truth. I will be there to hold your sacred space for you and your family as you travel to your most empowered self and bring your baby by your side. I will be your advocate when needed and hold your hand during the hole process... and always be in admiration of what you will achieve.

As a Tribe, you will have the Birth of your dreams.

With Gratitude

Empowering from Within