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Hi! I’m Amber. Founder of The Nurtured Chapter. A wellness space for growing families.

I’m a postpartum doula, registered nurse in early life care specialising in holistic baby sleep education and lactation support using the Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) model (also known as The Possums programs), perinatal counsellor and new parenthood coach.

Through blending modalities from Western science and Eastern philosophy with heart centered kindness I help growing families enjoy more calm, clarity and connection on their journey to early parenthood.

After working within healthcare and the perinatal space for nearing 20 years as a registered nurse, counsellor then doula I have had the incredible opportunity of working with many new, expectant families and babies, gathering tools, skills and experience in holistic early parenting support. I offer a unique integrative approach to health and wellness for you, bub and family, curating an early parenting experience that minimises the overwhelm, maximises joy and nourishment, and speaks to the whole you on your early parenting journey.

As a postpartum doula and early parenthood educator I am passionate about supporting women, birthing persons and families through pregnancy into early postpartum, a period of life that is a sacred window of complex change, transformation and transition. Where you are connected to yourself, baby and what’s important to you.

I am an advocate for responsive parenting and attachment focused care of parent, baby and the family. Strengthening relationships, validating instincts and preserving the wellbeing of the whole family to support you and your family to raise healthy and happy little humans.

Along with my work as a postpartum doula and perinatal counsellor I am a registered nurse. As a registered healthcare professional I have had the opportunity to train in NDC or the Possums programs with Dr Pamela Douglas and her team at The Possums Clinic in Brisbane. NDC is an evidenced based, revolutionary and holistic approach to early life care that is gentle, flexible, approachable and effective.

NDC focuses on the crucial 0-12 months of life and five domains that interact to affect parent-infant wellbeing. Baby sleep, breastfeeding/feeding, baby’s sensory-motor and social needs, cry-fuss behaviours, and parental mood. Through approaching early life care from these key areas I holistically support both parent and baby through the neurologically and developmentally sensitive first 16 weeks of life and beyond. I offer NDC consultations with a focus on Baby Sleep Education and Lactation/Feeding Education that can be conducted antenatally, before bub arrives, to have you prepped as you can be for your little ones arrival, or postpartum once baby has been born.

I believe pregnancy to postpartum and the early days of parenthood is a time in life to pause, look inwards and be embraced. With compassionate support, heartfelt guidance and therapeutic education we will explore the whole you and your unique experience, making sense of this complex and powerful time and transform your baby chapter into a more calm, connected, confident and empowering experience.

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There is nothing quite like entering parenthood. I do believe though there is a lot we can do to help make this new season of life more manageable, minimising the challenges, maximising enjoyment and supporting the wellbeing of you, your little one and family.

The support and care packages I offer are available virtually, Australia wide, or face to face for Sydney residents.

Virtual Offerings:

1. The Immersion: the complete virtual early parenting support package.

Through The Immersion we will design an early parenting experience that speaks to you. We cover all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum, newborn care and early parenthood. Depending on the package you chose we meet virtually prenatally, postpartum or both. You have access to me via phone during labour and email between sessions too. Through offering you all my skills and heartfelt guidance as postpartum doula, counsellor and early life care nurse our times together will leave you less overwhelmed, more empowered, your soul nourished, confident, calm and connected to you, baby and your relationships with the skills to get you through early parenthood.

Package Options:
Package One: 1 month (4 virtual sessions) $460
Package Two: 2 months (8 virtual sessions) $860
Package Three: 3 months (12 virtual sessions) $1190

2. The Baby Sleep Consultation

The Baby Sleep Consultation is for new or expecting parents who are seeking more support in navigating their baby sleep journey. This is for you if you are wanting to understand your baby’s natural sleep rhythms and needs, are seeking guidance on setting up healthy foundations for baby sleep, are finding mainstream sleep training approaches aren’t working for you or you have a particular sleep concern you want help with. This package is ideal for little ones 0-12 months.

My approach to sleep is baby and relationships led and is grounded in the Neuroprotective Developmental Care sleep management approach. It honours the natural biology of baby sleep, protecting the parent-baby relationship and the health and wellbeing of you, baby and family. Together we will explore your baby sleep concerns, navigate reasons for sleep disturbances and create a plan that is aligned with your little ones stage of development, working with your baby’s needs, circadian rhythms and cues.

All sleep consults are approached holistically. This means while your baby’s sleep is the main focus I know that there are a number of other factors that can sometimes get in the way or become impacted by baby sleep. We may look at breastfeeding/feeding, your little ones sensory environments, social and cultural factors that can compromise healthy sleep habits as well as look at and support your mental health and wellbeing.

Through equipping you with baby sleep knowledge and the practical skills to flexibly experiment with what works for you we will work together to optimise baby sleep and healthy developmental and help you find more calm, clarity and enjoyment in your early parenting journey.

Package Options:
Package One: 1 x 60 minute virtual session and Baby Sleep Plan $220
Package Two: 1 x 60 minute virtual session, Baby Sleep Plan, daily email check-in for 1 week, 30 minute follow up virtual session $340

3. Virtual Holistic Counselling

As a counsellor and new parent coach I offer a therapeutic space to navigate the layered and often challenging experience of preconception, (in)fertility, pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Through weaving Western psychological theory with Eastern traditions of spirituality I offer a space to settle in, unpack your emotional luggage and find your rhythm. A place of time out to put your own needs first and create new ways to honour all the layers of Self, mind, body, soul, health and wellbeing.

My role is to be a gentle therapeutic guide and companion to support your ability to look inwards. Mentor you to navigate life challenges and transitions in a healthier way, facilitate a return to balance and to nurture the relationship with the Self and others. I practice with the belief you already have the wisdom inside you to navigate your journey, I just guide you to there. My hope is that you come home to you, finding peace, emerging from this deeply connected to the Self and more powerful than ever.

Investment: $150 for 60 minute session

4. Postpartum Planning

A dreamy postpartum looks different to all of us. What is common to many new parents though is how we underestimate the help we need during our postpartum. An unplanned and unsupported postpartum can have a lingering imprint on your body, mind and relationships. Together we will create a powerful postpartum plan to leave a positive imprint on body, mind and relationships through nurturing and nourishing you in the early days of parenthood, having you feeling as prepped as you can be for your new chapter. These sessions are about exploring, anticipating and communicating your thoughts, feelings and physical needs surrounding your transition into parenthood.

This offering aims to deeply honour your dynamic and sacred window of transition and transformation of entering parenthood. Through planning the essential support and guidance you need, your focus can be directed towards healing, nurturing your baby and softening into your body’s wisdom. My wish for you is that in planning your postpartum you will have the space to immerse in the joy and magic of new parenthood.

Investment: $180 for 60-90 minute session with Postpartum Plan and resources

5. Birth Debrief

Your birth experience is alive with many shades and textures. How satisfied you are with your birthing experience is a complex interplay of your sense of control, the effectiveness of your support and your past experiences. Sometimes though it doesn’t matter how much you have prepped for your birth or how much inner work you have done to resolve previous hurt, we are left with the residue of a difficult experience. When you are ready this is yours to discover.

If you are ready to tell your story together we will explore your experience, the raw and uncomfortable feelings, thoughts or behaviours that are coming up for you, and how we can integrate your birth story into your narrative. Even if things went well it is helpful and healthy to process them through telling your story. These sessions offer a safe, non-judgemental, comforting space to work together towards understanding, reclaiming and healing from your birth experience.

Investment: $150 for 60 minute session

Face to Face Offerings:

1. The Intention: in-home prepped for parenthood and postpartum planning package (3 hour package).

An in-home explorative and supportive session curated just for you. This immersive session will deeply embrace and navigate the intimate changes you go through when becoming a parent. Here we prepare you emotionally, spiritually, relationally and physically for the remainder of your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

We deep dive into you, the dynamic changes to mind and body and uncover and work with any fears, blocks and doubts you may have. We explore the basics of birth, healing from birth, all things postpartum planning, early parenthood and fourth trimester and have you prepped to look after bub with the 101 on newborn care and neurodevelopmental approach to baby sleep, feeding and behaviour. We aim to minimise the stress and overwhelm and amplify your readiness and confidence as you enter early parenthood, making this new season of life a whole lot more manageable.

Investment: $365

2. The Embrace: in-home prepped for parenthood, postpartum planning and in-home postpartum support package (28 hour package)

The Embrace package prepares you for your dynamic and multilayered transition from expecting, to the first few weeks of parenting. Before baby arrives we explore what is coming up for you during your pregnancy, birth and newborn basics and create a powerful postpartum plan embracing your wishes for a happy and healthy fourth trimester. Once baby arrives I help you navigate becoming a new family. I offer education, guidance and some loving hands on help to support you and your family’s health and wellbeing so you can do what is most important, rest and heal, look after bub and bond as a new family.

Investment: $2790

3. The Express: in-home postpartum support package (4 hour package)

The Express package is a half day sacred and scrumptious experience of in-home postpartum support. This is an express one stop shop on all things postpartum, early parenting coaching, therapeutic guidance and mentoring to nurture and nourish your mind, body and spirit, your bub and relationships. My intention is to make this new season of life that little more manageable as I dose you up with a powerful one to one session.

Investment: $425

4. The Mini: in-home postpartum support package (12 hour package)

The Mini package offers a love filled initiation into your postpartum combining the best of holistic counselling, parenthood coaching, postpartum doula work and NDC consulting on baby sleep, feeding and behaviour. This is a divine offering of 3 x 4 hour consultations aims to make the early days of your postpartum more manageable. It is to give you enough breathing room to feel rested and the space to feel supported as you learn a whole new skill set, creating a powerful impact on your whole family that lasts long into your postpartum.

Investment: $1140

5. The Birth Debrief: in-home support session (90 minutes)

Birth is a powerful experience made of shadow and light. We are exposed, physically and emotionally. The most intimate parts of the self are open and vulnerable. This offering creates a compassionate space to navigate your birth experience, a space that supports you to work towards understanding, reclaiming and healing from your birth experience.

Investment: $245

For more details on packages and inclusions please visit For more information on the NDC program visit

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