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Hi. I’m Angeline. I am a birth Doula and postpartum Doula. I would be honored to support you.
I have had 8 babies of my own before deciding to take the leap to become a certified doula. I have had plenty of support with my first 5 births due to very close family members but after moving from Nz to Australia, my 6th birth was very scary with a different set of birthing ‘rules’ and no family support. I would have loved to have known about what a doula was then and had the reassurance of a doula and the support to make my wishes known, even though I thought I was so experienced and empowered.
I want to be there for the women who need another voice, to birth with your preferences up first, regardless of what might happen in birth. I want to make this passage of rites a time of calm, empowerment and confidence for you. Birth isnt fearful but amazing and natural. From a planned homebirth to a planned/unplanned C- Section I’ll be there for you!
As a postpartum doula, knowing how crazy it is with a new born, especially with other children, I would love to help out. With establishing breastfeeding, helping get meals up and running, general cleaning, supporting you in this emotional time after birth and less sleep, helping you get some rest even a massage with Essential oils. Needing a shoulder to cry on and vent? Seriously I get this time, it can be hard and lonely, please don’t be afraid to reach out for help. There was a time we had a village to help out but now we need to bring the village to us.

I can’t wait to meet you and be apart of this amazing chapter of your life!

A bit about me. I live in a bus, with my husband and 8 children. We travel slowly and homeschool/unschool. We meander wherever we want to go so I am happy to travel to you. This is our lifestyle so I’ll go where I’m needed. I regularly blog of where we are and what we are doing. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Name Angeline
Business Name Angeline - The Roaming Doula
Facebook Page Visit Link Here
Instagram Page Visit Link Here
Phone Number 0498867952
Doula since 2019
Standard Fee $800
Services and Pricing information

What to expect from me as your Birth Doula..........

Free Meet & Greet

It's purpose is to initially meet each other, talk about your specific needs and expectations for a doula, and confirm that we are the right fit. You need to be comfortable having me as your birth Doula. This is about you not me.

Anenatal visits

These meetings are individually customised to you and your family and are for us to get to know one another and for me to learn how I can best support you. Here we will discuss and celebrate your pregnancy, and the journey of growing your little baby. We may address concerns you have surrounding the birth, discuss previous birth and pregnancy stories, talk about your preferences for this birth, and answer any questions you may have. We will have the opportunity to learn and practice labor management comfort measures and techniques. Help get your birth plan written up so everyone knows what you want and need to happen. Partners are welcome to every meeting and are encouraged to attend!

24/7 contact support

From the moment you choose me as your doula I am available for any questions, concerns or just a listening ear via calls/text/email.

On-call from 38 weeks until you deliver

Once we enter an agreement with one another, I pledge to be readily available and on-call for your birth the 2 weeks leading up to your due date, until your baby is born. I also make every effort to be available for pre-term births.

Continuous labor support

Unique from the support of nurses, midwives and doctors, I will be there offering continuous emotional support from the time you call me over, throughout the labor and birth, to 1-2 hours postnatal. My support as your doula is individualised for each family depending on your particular needs and preferences. Comfort measures I provide include but are not limited to:
counter pressure
heat & cold therapy
position changes
breathing techniques & imagery
emotional support
breastfeeding support and golden hour bonding
birth ball techniques
involvement guidance to partner & family members
other techniques as necessary

1-2 postnatal visits

The purpose of these visits are to check in and see how you, your baby and family are doing and give emotional support. Here we may discuss your reflections on the birth, new life adjustments, basic newborn care, breastfeeding support and review any questions you have. $900
Post Natal doula package. 3 visits for 3 hours $300 Bringing/making a meal, washing, general cleaning up eg vacum, dishes. Make sure your comfortable, any concerns are talked about to do with you or baby. Help out with other children. Help with breastfeeding, massage, emotional support, talk about how your going, what you need help with and what you need. Someone to talk about your highs, your lows and everything inbetween. Unjudgemental ear! Or use me as needed. $25 an hour
- $200 distance support. If you don't me for birth or I'm not near you but you you some support!. You still can use me. Skype/video/phone calls and messages. 2 video chats to discuss birth plan, birth techniques, birth without fear! Unlimited messages from 38 weeks till baby. Or postpartum hire me for emotional support and an ear to listen. Contact me and we can sort out a package for you.

Antenatal - Birth Planning
Birth - Rebozo/positioning techniques
Childbirth Education
Postnatal - Breastfeeding support
Postnatal - Sleep and settling support
Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
distance: 1,700 Kilometers
Address Wagga Wagga NSW
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