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Hello and congratulations on the coming of your precious little-one!

I’m Caitlin Erica – I am a birth keeper and feminine embodiment coach. My mission is to help women to feel safe and reeeaaally good in their bodies. When I’m not doula-ing, I’m running workshops and events for women, guiding them through dance journeys and connecting them to their bodies.

Working with me means we’ll do the work to move through your fears and blocks; and we’ll also dance, celebrate and connect to our bodies. I’m here not to help you ‘learn’, but rather, to ‘remember’ and to ‘awaken’. Together, we will strip back your conditioning and release whatever doesn’t serve you, so you can reclaim your innate feminine power.

You are everything you need. I’m simply here to help you remember.

Inside you is a Wild Mama: instinctive, wise and raw. Wild Mamas learn to speak their fears and desires; question their conditioning; explore their patterns and leave no stone unturned. They are real, honest and raw. They trust their intuition. They know their body; their boundaries and their worth.

This is deep work. It is to be done with tenderness and radical compassion. I hold a safe and sacred space. I’ve even been called ‘a human valium’.

Is this resonating with you? Stirring you? Let’s have a chat!

“What about my partner?”
It is my absolute privilege to serve partners (daddy’s, co-mummies or otherwise) through this incredible event. The kind of support I offer depends on the wants and needs of both the mother and partner. So, let’s have a meeting and get to know each other.

I am available across Sydney for homebirths, birth centre and hospital births in areas such as Hurstville, Kogarah, Sutherland, Bankstown, Parramatta, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Eastern Suburbs and the Inner West.

May you have all the support you desire.

Name Caitlin Erica Hudson
Business Name Caitlin Erica
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Phone Number 0405184571
Doula since 2018
Standard Fee $1,700
Services and Pricing information

I offer a number of 'Wild Mama' birth keeping programs:

A 5-session package with birth attendance

A 10-session package with birth attendance

A 10-session package to prepare for birth & motherhood (without birth attendance)

See my website for full details on all offerings.


➡ During your PREGNANCY, I will…
☽ Come to your home for 3 (basic package) or 8 (full package) Wild Mama birth preparation sessions (1.5hr each)
☽ Be available to you via phone and email for any questions or worries that arise for you outside of our 10 sessions.

➡ Once your LABOUR begins, I will...
☽ Come to you and remain with you throughout your labour
☽ Attend to your needs throughout your labour. My role is to keep you (and your partner, if you have one) feeling comfortable, nourished and nurtured. I will create a cosy bubble around you (and your partner) so that you can be present and enjoy the experience. I will be there to liaise with your midwife/obstetrician and advocate for you when you're too busy to speak.* (*Virtual Doula Package: I will guide you (and your partner) via video calls)
☽ Remain with you until a couple of hours after the birth of your baby. I will stay until you are settled and ready to enjoy some private bonding as a family.

➡ During your POSTPARTUM period, I will...
☽ Come to you for 2 postnatal sessions to check in on your family.


Our work together will be conversation-focused with elements of movement, dance and embodiment practices. Every session is tailored to you.

Areas we may explore:
☽ The feminine approach to birth; initiation, lessons in pregnancy;
☽ The natural blueprint of birth, embodiment, intuition and trust;
☽ Options for pregnancy & labour; writing a ‘birth plan’;
☽ Consent and advocacy;
☽ How your experience of puberty and your monthly menstruation affects your birth;
☽ Dance - why it's important for your health as a woman and how it supports labour; Dance as a means of connecting you to your body, emotions, intuition and your baby;
☽ Sensuality as a primary aspect of the feminine;
☽ Your sense of worthiness and how it impacts your relationships, your birthing experience and your parenting;
☽ Birth stories, expectations, fears and desires; cultural norms and myths;
☽ Your relationship to your body, and your reproductive organs;
☽ Fears and beliefs that are in the way of you having the birth of your dreams, and how to release them;
☽ Themes, emotions and thoughts that are coming up for you - and what they are trying to tell you;
☽ Parallels of sex, pregnancy and birth. How being sexually liberated positively impacts your labour, birth and parenting;
☽ Anything you don’t feel you can share with your family or friends;
☽ Exercises and tips to help you support your changing body during pregnancy and to help you prepare for birth.
☽ Guided meditations, visualisations and grounding techniques.

You’ll also receive:
Resources to inform and inspire you - books, articles, videos, documentaries, podcasts, positive birth stories, meditations, labour preparation techniques, etc.


I am available across Sydney for homebirths, birth centre and hospital births in areas such as the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Kogarah, Hurstville, Sutherland, Bankstown, Parramatta, Liverpool, MacArthur and Campbelltown.

Antenatal Visits
Antenatal - Birth Planning
Antenatal - Group Support Program
Antenatal - Mother Blessings
Birth - Back Up Doula
Childbirth Education
Postnatal Visits
Postnatal - Birth Debriefing
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See more details on my website.

Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
distance: 1,922 Kilometers
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