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OTHER MODALITIES: Pregnancy Yoga / Specialised Birth Meditation / Spinning Babies Optimal Fetal Positioning / Acupressure

Danae is a uniquely experienced and passionate Specialised Birth Doula, Birth Preparation and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, based in Cremorne.

Having studied with the Australian Doula College, Gail Tully – creator of Spinning Babies and The Yoga Institute (now a member of the teaching faculty), Danae uses her broad knowledge to support women through what she believes is the most important experience of their lives.
Danae teaches Traditional Breath Centered Yoga in small intimate groups. ‘Breath Centered’ means the breath leads, guides and dictates all movement. It is the focus of the practice and is pivotal to working with the mind and preparing for Birth. The practices incorporate: a physical practice, specialised meditation, hypnobirthing affirmations in practice, calm birth practice, pranayama (breathing techniques), how to use vocal sound in birth and active birthing preparation and postures.

Along with supporting women in Birth and in the Post Natal period, Danae also works with women and couple’s in Birth Preparation Sessions, covering; thorough birth education, natural effective methods to work with the mind and breath for welcoming functional pain, creating clinical care birth preference document and preparing for the Post Natal Period. These sessions can be done in your home or online via zoom.

Danae presents as part of an education program for 2nd Year Medical Students at the University of New South Wales, bringing more awareness to the importance of the experience of the birthing mother. Her passion Empowering mums and dads through the incredible experience of birth

Name Danae Cappelletto
Business Name Danae Birth Doula
Website Link Visit Link Here
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Phone Number 0478756746
Email danaebirthdoula@gmail.com
Doula since 2010
Standard Fee $1,800
Services and Pricing information

Primary Offering $1,800

Two pre- natal visits. Please allow 3 hours for each of these sessions – details of the sessions below.
Accompany you to one of your final Midwifery or OB appointments
Birth – from active labour to birth - How I support women and their partners in birth is best talked about rather than listed below, you can also refer to my website https://www.danaebirthdoula.com.au/doula-support-copy .
One post birth visit. Time varies depending on the needs of the birth mum.
Any reasonable amount of time spent on the phone is included in this package. Please call me anytime with questions, general updates after clinical visits and any concerns / feelings that come up.

Pre-natal visits:
~ Session 1
Getting to know a woman’s story – journey to pregnancy
De briefing past births (if applicable)
VBAC (if applicable)
Healthy pregnancy
General Birth education – cycle of physiological labour, your baby’s journey through the pelvis
Course of Labour – stages of labour – function of the Uterus
Emotional release in Birth
Estimated due dates
Spontaneous Labour
SROM (spontaneous Rupture of Membranes)
AROM (artificial Rupture of Membranes)
Stretch and Sweeps
Syntocinon (medication used to induce contractions)
Vaginal Examinations during labour (VE)
Monitoring your baby – ECG – intermittent osculation
Gentle Birth approach - Introducing Hypnobirthing & Calm Birth fundamentals
The power of Sound
Working with your breath
Understanding Danae’s concepts of ‘Letting Down’
The power of language in the birth space
Benefits of Active Birth / following your Birth Instincts
Pushing / Birth of your baby
Placenta – understanding the function and options for birth
Delayed Cord Clamping
Developing home Yoga practice
Optimal Fetal Positioning
General Discussion & any reading materials you would like from Danae
GBS (Group B Strep) test (performed by care provider at 34 weeks), understanding and preparation for best chance at negative result

~ Session 2
Reviewing Yoga practice for final weeks of Pregnancy
Birth Plan Document
What labour looks and sounds like
Common behaviours in Birth
Natural pain relief techniques
Common medical interventions awareness
Unexpected outcomes - C section – instrumental delivery – epidural – transfer to hospital (applicable to homebirth)
Newborn procedures
How to collect colostrum and nipple stimulation to help avoid Induction
The plan for the big day
What to expect once your baby has arrived
Postpartum recovery

Post birth visit:
Debriefing Birth
Assisting with Breast or bottle feeding
Placenta Wound Healing (if requested)
Nourishing and caring for yourself as a new mum
Connecting mum to any required support services
Using Yoga to support rejuvenation
Helping with general questions you may have around the care of your newborn


I have a private Yoga group for all my students where I post schedules and updates, you can request to join - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Iteryoga/

Antenatal - Birth Planning
Antenatal - Mother Blessings
Birth - Back Up Doula
Birth - Rebozo/positioning techniques
Childbirth Education - Hypnobirthing
Postnatal - Birth Debriefing
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Danae is one of those people with a beautifully infectious personality. Her passion for helping women feel empowered when it comes to pregnancy and birth is like no other.

From our first phone conversation, right through to when I delivered my baby, she was ever present, genuine and supportive. Her belief that I could have the birth I wanted allowed me to have the exact birth I wanted! It was quick (even quicker than expected), natural and all mine. I felt in control and birthed my baby my way.

Before I met Danae, I had had a long and arduous birth experience with my first child and had decided I’d probably need pain relief and intervention for my next birth. But through our sessions, Danae helped educate me on some of the little unknown details of the birthing process and encouraged me to really own my next experience and try to do things the way I truly wanted to.

I couldn’t be happier with my second birthing experience. Starting the postpartum journey with a positive birth experience has definitely made a huge impact to how I can now handle all the challenges of newborn-hood once again.

I can’t recommend Danae enough!! She is a gift 💜 x Lauren

Danae is one of those special people you only have the privilege of knowing so rarely. We invited her to be our doula, with the hope of experiencing a natural, unmedicated water birth. As first time parents we felt that we couldn’t have achieved that wish without Danae’s support, guidance and expert advice. Our birth experience will always be the most heart opening, grounding and completely magical time of our lives. I am so glad Danae was there with us and will forever be grateful to her. We welcomed our precious daughter gently into the water and into our hearts, captured so beautifully by Danae on video. Thankyou does not even begin to express our deep gratitude. ❤️❤️❤️ Sarah

Danae is a caring, responsive and empowering doula who is a master at her craft. I am in awe of her broad set of skills and qualities.

For example, Danae will work holistically with your body through yoga, massage, meditation and nutrition. She can connect deeply with you about the spiritual journey of birth and crack a joke at the right moment to lighten the mood. She makes you feel safe during the overwhelming emotions of labour and in the quiet moments of doubt throughout the pregnancy. Very importantly, Danae has strong medical knowledge to credibly engage with doctors and midwives and to objectively explain procedures to parents in plain English.

It’s a rare to find this depth of capability and capacity in one person, and we are so grateful that she was and continues to be there for our family. x Grace

Danae supported me in the months leading up to the birth of my first baby. She adapted yoga classes for me and ensured I was always safe and comfortable (yet still pushed myself, safely). Danae quickly became a core part of my mental and physical birth preparation. She filled me with confidence each time I saw her, and I felt she was constantly looking out for me. Danae's wisdom and care made me feel powerful, strong and "in the zone" for my birth. I did yoga classes with her until 2 days before my birth and have continued with 'mums and bubs' yoga since. Danae's support over the past year has filled me with energy and I know that I am a happier, more balanced and powerful woman/ mother/human because of the time I have spent with her. Thanks Danae! x Stacey

Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
distance: 1,933 Kilometers
Address Cremorne NSW
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