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My name is Nadia Taylor. I’m a certified and experienced birth & postpartum doula and run My Sacred Birth & Beyond Doula Services. I am a mum of 3, with personal experience having 2 VBAC births, (1 of which was also a breech delivery.)

I also teach Birth Mapping sessions, Beer + Bubs classes for the guys, ( and am a placenta encapsulator!

I live in NW Sydney and happy to travel up to 1 hours drive in any direction from the Hawkesbury district in Sydney.

As someone who grew up in an all-female family, supporting women has always been important to me. In 2009 I discovered what a doula was and there began my journey to becoming a birth and postpartum doula. Educating women on what to expect from their bodies during labour, along with learning their options and choices for their birth and the postpartum period is my passion. I believe empowering women with this knowledge leads to better outcomes and the overall experience of becoming a mother as it eases her fears and worries and replaces them with peace and trust in her body and ability to give birth.

I also believe that the partner has an important role in pregnancy and labour as her advocate so I also educate and support them before and during labour.

How a woman is treated and spoken to will shape how her labour progresses (or doesn’t!) So it is my job to support, protect, and keep the major hormones- endorphins and oxytocin levels up, and adrenaline hormones down, which will help the labour progress more smoothly and faster and keep mother, baby, and partner happy, healthy, and safe.

Many of my clients say I have a calming and peaceful nature and with my passionate and protective spirit, these are just some of the things that make me perfect for the job.

The postpartum period is also a sacred time in a mother’s life, and I believe the mother should be loved on and cared for just as much as the new baby. It is my job as a postpartum doula, to ensure the mother gets rest, comfort and support, fed with nutrients and more rest!

With personal experience of having my family overseas and no local family nearby, I am the very example of why I think every woman should have postpartum support & care after giving birth and one of the reasons why I have desired to pursue my career as a Postpartum doula and gain the qualification.

Outside of doula work, you might see me sewing, baking, hiking, or enjoying lazy days of legos and reading. Oh and coffee, coffee and more coffee. 😉

Professional Qualifications-
-Birth Mapping Cartographer, through Catherine Bell
-CPD Certified Postpartum Doula since 2018, through Newborn Mothers Professional
-Cross-cultural maternal/health care disaster and preparedness training for developing countries, summer 2011, in the Philippines through Mercy In Action Organization
-CD(DONA) Certified Birth Doula certification since 2009, through DONA International


Hospital births
Birth Center births
Calm Births
Supporting single Mums
Supporting teen mum
medicated and un-medicated labours
Post due date pregnancies
Spiritual births
non-english speaking births
Cesareans/c-sections *My 1st birth
VBAC births (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) *My 2nd & 3rd birth
Breech delivery *My 3rd birth

Name Nadia Taylor, CD(DONA)
Business Name My Sacred Birth & Beyond
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Phone Number 0468 422 642
Doula since 2009
Standard Fee $1,350
Services and Pricing information

My Birth Doula package includes: minimum 2 antenatal visits, (1 is a birth mapping session) plus 24/7 on-call support from 37+ weeks until you go into labour. Continuous labour & birth support. And minimum 2 postpartum home support visits. $1350.

Placenta Encapsulation services: I have been trained in preparing placenta encapsulations. Carefully cleaned, steamed, dehydrated and then ground into capsules and placed in beautiful jars for you to reap the benefits. $250 pick up and delivery included. Placenta encapsulation has many benefits for the mother, including:
-speeding up postpartum bleeding, healing & recovery
-increases milk supply
-increase energy
-improves iron levels/decreases anaemia risk
-helps balance moods & regulates hormones
-lowers risk of baby blues & postpartum depression

My Postpartum services packages start from $250. They all include education, companionship and nonjudgmental support during the postpartum fourth trimester. I can assist with newborn care, breastfeeding support, family adjustment, meal preparation, house cleaning, laundry and also watching siblings if needed. We again are just filling in what tasks are not able to get done and help make this transition as smooth as possible with providing not just physical support, but emotional support as well which is huge when mothers either have no one else home, or they just want to be left alone, because there is just to many visitors!

I also offer birth plan/Birth Mapping sessions. Birth is not always a straightforward event, sometimes the unexpected does happen and it’s in these situations it really pays to be prepared. By mapping your birth experience you’re able to be prepared for the what-ifs and maybes. This session is about informing you of your choices, your options, where you need to give consent, and better understanding different scenarios that could arise, while still being ‘in charge.’ I also help fine-tune your birth plan/birth wish list, and answer any last-minute questions or concerns you or your partner have before your due date. This session goes for up to 3 hours, includes Catherine Bell’s book- The Birth Map and cost $150.

Beer + Bubs- a childbirth class for partners at the pub. This is a 2 hour class held in Penrith, NSW at a local pub. $69 which includes dinner. for more details.

Last service I provide is a birth closure/debriefing session, for anyone needing some closure from their birth experience(s) or questions they just need answered in order to move on....and be at peace. I am a great listener and if all you need is just to share your experience or the way you were treated during your labour and birth, I'm hear to listen. $50

Antenatal Visits
Antenatal - Birth Planning
Birth - Back Up Doula
Birth - Rebozo/positioning techniques
Childbirth Education
Childbirth Education - Beer + Bubs
Postnatal Visits
Postnatal - Birth Debriefing
Postnatal - Breastfeeding support
Postnatal - Overnight support
Postnatal - Infant Massage
Postnatal - Placenta Encapsulation
Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
distance: 1,889 Kilometers
Address Windsor New South Wales
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