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A little about me?

Well firstly, I am a mama of two beautiful humans, my daughter who is 14 years old and son who is 10 years old. They are my greatest guides who teach me everything I need to know about my maternal instincts and the importance of trusting my devine myself when it comes to everything to do from my birth of them and parenting them. They are the beings who teach me, art of self-care and remaining deeply connected to myself as a woman so that I can be the best as I can as their mama.

I am a heart centred certified birth doula and also Post-partum doula. I hold a Cert IV in tactile therapies, a qualified massage therapist and counsellor who is an expert in holding space for women when they are at their most vulnerable. I also happen to be a Social Worker who has many years of experience working with clients within a trauma informed way of practice and am a volunteer to Birth for Humankind.

I believe that birth is a rite of passage, it is the intense transition from maiden to mother, from mother to being a mother again and again.

If a woman has knowledge of what her beautiful body, her mind, her soul and most importantly of what her baby requires from her in her birth space she will be at her most powerful and open to what may be in her birth space.

I have had the absolute honour of bearing witness to many women transitioning into motherhood,
each in in their own unique, gentle yet ferocious and phenomenal ways. What is required from her in birth and motherhood cannot be captured in one sentence or in this blurb, It is a conversation that we can have over a cup of tea.

I am the woman who holds that space for you, I am the silent rock in the room, the constant peaceful nurturer who will be beside you and your partner, or, if you decide, purely you.

You come first. I am here for you.

The work that we will do before your birth is work that will gently guide you back to yourself, your core, your true centre. Me and you, unguarded, the sharing between woman to woman. With me, you will have the space reconnect to the raw feminine that is you. With me, your heart is safe, your story is sacred.

As your post-partum doula, it’s all about YOU. My tailored packages include me looking after YOU, the newborn mother. One session might be me feeding you, massaging you, holding your bubba whilst you bathe and sleep, and if there is a load of washing to be done, I’ll chuck those on and get them washed whilst I’m there.

Name Paulette
Phone Number 0416255763
Doula since 2018
Services and Pricing information

Services Offered

Doula Support Services:
* Free initial consultation to meet and discuss your needs
* Three visits before your birth
* Support for your partner
* Unlimited phone, and email support during your pregnancy
* On-call 24 hours/7 days a week from 38 weeks gestation
* Continuous support during labour and birth in your chosen
birth place (hospital, birth centre or home)
* Resources and information for pregnancy, labour and birth
and access to my lending library
* Relaxation and emotional support before, during and after your birth
* The option of a 'back up' doula if required

Other services offered include:
* Private Childbirth education &/or birth options sessions
* Counselling &/or Birth De-briefing
* Pregnancy Massage
* Post Partum support; inclusive of nurturing your baby whilst I feed you, massage you, pop you in a warm and luscious bath, fold your clothes clean your home (separate fees for Post Partum Support) .

If this resonates with you, connect with me on 0416255863 or via email

Antenatal Visits
Antenatal - Birth Planning
Birth - Back Up Doula
Birth - Rebozo/positioning techniques
Birth Photography
Childbirth Education - Sacred Pregnancy
Postnatal Visits
Postnatal - Birth Debriefing
Postnatal - Sleep and settling support
Country Australia
State/Province Victoria
distance: 1,789 Kilometers
Address Berwick VIC
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