Tara Mahoney

Hornsby NSW 0422 632 772
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Hi. I’m Tara. I’m a doula and photographer.

I know you want to know me better, to sense if we could work well together.

But what I want to tell you, right now, in the 10 seconds I have as you scroll through the extraordinary list of women included here, is this:

As our babies are born so are we born, as mothers. And each pregnancy, each birth, each child we bring into this world has the power to change our story, for better or worse.

I want you to be the centre of your own birth story, not just empowered but powerful.

I want you to see and feel and know, with absolute certainty, that the choices you made were the right ones for you. For your baby. For your family. I want you to be able to look back and see yourself, documented and held with love, the director of your own story.

I believe in you.

Name Tara Mahoney
Business Name Motherhood in Focus
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Phone Number 0422 632 772
Email tara@motherhoodinfocus.com.au
Doula since 2015
Standard Fee $1,495
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As your doula I will...
- Place you at the centre of your own birth experience
- Respect and honour your opinions, ideas and decisions
- Provide you with a safe space to express your hopes, fears, wishes and worries
- Support and guide you and your partner to experience the wonder of birth in a positive and secure environment
- Help you access information and research your options for labour, delivery and postpartum
- Be a sounding board for you and your partner as you work through your many birth choices
- Be on-call for you, 24/7 from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby
- Help you decide when to head to hospital or call your midwife when you are in labour
- Be a familiar and comforting presence during your labour and birth
- Protect and enrich your birthing space with your choice of physical comforts such as wireless speakers, flameless candles, fairy lights, essential oil burners, mantras and positive birth affirmation posters
- Work seamlessly with your birth partner and care providers to give you constant care and support while you are in labour
- Offer hands-on support in the form of massage, breathing exercises and labour positions
- Offer mental support in the form of encouragement, guided visualisations, meditation and the occasional terrible joke (but only if you absolutely, desperately need some comic relief)
- Be with you during your full labour if you so desire and birth
- Stay with you until you are settled with your new babe
- Visit you at home to help you settle into life with a newborn
- Hold space for you to debrief your birth, to help you feel empowered and powerful.

As your birth photographer I will...
- Honour my work as a doula primarily and will only take photographs when possible
- Work quietly and unobtrusively to capture you as you labour, birth and meet your new babe
- Show you your strength, love, vulnerability and power as a birthing woman
- Protect your birth space and retreat if the photography is disturbing you (this hasn't ever really happened, especially as things move along as most women aren't distracted by my quiet shutter click)
- Work with the available light and your positioning. I will never ask to turn on a light or for you to labour in a more photographic position

Antenatal Visits
Antenatal - Birth Planning
Birth - Back Up Doula
Birth - Rebozo/positioning techniques
Birth Photography
Postnatal Visits
Postnatal - Birth Debriefing
Postnatal - Breastfeeding support
Postnatal - Sleep and settling support
Additional Information

I believe all women should have access to the deep trusting relationship formed by 1:1 midwifery care if this is what they choose. I acknowledge the cost constraints that come from hiring a private midwife and offer women who have chosen this care model a discount on my doula and birth photography services.

Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
distance: 1,917 Kilometers
Address Hornsby NSW