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Kylee Shepherd

Hi, my name’s Kylee and I’m a certified birth and postnatal doula. My journey to childbirth support began over 20 years ago as a maternity nurse (mothercraft nurse) when I was living in th
0404 563 277

Renee Scifo

I set the ambience, massage, pray and coach you all the way through this beautiful storm. You already have everything it takes in you to birth this baby and to be its most capable and gentle mother. I

Tiarne Blight

Hi, I’m Tiarne, a certified Birth Doula. I am passionate about birth and the transition into motherhood and see each pregnancy and birth as unique and beautiful. I provide pre-natal visits along

Catherine Donaldson

I have been blessed to do the work of a Doula since 2015. I am passionate about supporting mamas to have a positive birth experience – wherever you decide to birth, I will support you. I offer B

Sandra Mulligan

Hello birthing families I am a pregnancy, birth and post partum doula. I am located in Ocean Shores, Northern NSW in the Byron Bay shire. My passion is post partum support in those early newborn month
0412 855 992

Kara Lea

My name is Kara Lea. I am a birth, post-natal doula & placenta encapsulator. I am also a mother to two adorable sons aged 12 and 13 years. I passionately support women through the most sacred and
0421 510 512

Anna Watts

Over the past 30 years I have been guiding women and their partners through the journey of pregnancy birth and early parenting. My experience includes Childbirth Educator, Doula & Doula Trainer, P
0414 881 512

Gillian Drew

I’m a kinesiologist and help women work through the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of change – whether that’s positive change or the more stressful variety! I support women
0419 228 806

Ingrid Clark

I’m a trained Birth & Postpartum Doula working on the NSW Central Coast. I’ve teamed up with a beautiful midwife, Jenny Milligan, and together we are The Nurtury. I’m passionate
0423 348 065

Lucy Barrett

Ever since I was a little girl I was always fascinated with the birthing process. I’d quiz my mother on how my brothers and I were born and I would pour over her books. As I grew up I saw a wome
0414 430 571

Kirsten Lyle

I am Kirsten. I am here as a Birthkeeper to support your family while you unshackle your power. To release fear surrounding birth and possition you to have a positive, holistic journey through preg

Lucy Mendelssohn : Postnatal Support

I work with Sydney families during their first year after having a baby who want to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and who want to find confidence, support, health and love in their transiti