As I sit here on

As I sit here on Mother’s Day eve with my newest daughter snuggled into my chest, I have so much to thank this incredible woman for. I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

I contacted Julia when I was 6 weeks pregnant as this was my last pregnancy and I really needed the support to make it as healing as possible after our last two traumatic births.

I also needed someone to be there for my husband so I could concentrate on myself knowing he was being supported in every way.

This birth ended up being extremely healing for me and I finally got what I’ve always wanted – to give birth in a room with no doctors around, surrounded by love and support and to reach down and pick my baby up and bring her to my chest. I had an induction however my wishes were to be left alone after rupturing membranes and having Julia there helped hold that space and ground. My body laboured and delivered completely on its own.

I thank Julia because she was there so profoundly in every way during our labour and was a knock out team with my husband, providing strong hands, massage, oils , a head to press mine against and some very calming words when the tough decisions needed to be made.

Julia is so strong, FULL of love, highly intuitive, sensual, extremely professional , familiar, and comforting. Julia knows pregnant and labouring women, and most importantly she believes in them!!

Thankyou x x