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Cara McDonald

I am a birth and postpartum doula who has a thorough understanding of the physiological and emotional aspects of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I offer caring support to new mothers and their famili

Janine Armfield

I’m a qualified birth and postnatal doula. I’m a mum of 3 children and originally from New Zealand. I trained as a registered nurse in New Zealand and have spent over 20 years working in a
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Cheryl Sheriff

Pregnancy, birth and postnatal doula with experience at over 1,000 hospital births. Nurse, midwife, author of Stork Talk – delivering strategies for your ideal birth, Becoming Us Facilitator. I
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Catherine McIntyre

It is my honour to support new mothers and parents in the post birth period and beyond. I am guided by traditional postpartum practice, with a focus on healing, rest and nourishment. I felt drawn to t

Megan Jones

Megan Jones is a mother, a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, a fully qualified massage therapist and aromatherapist and has studied in the fields of naturopathy and nutrition. Megan has a passi
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Bethany Meakin

“Women are intuitive, strong, capable and thrive with good support” – Bethany Meakin The way you are made to feel during your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum stays with you lon
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Jennie Barnard

Jennie has been committed to the needs of women for 30 plus years. She has been a breastfeeding counsellor and group leader and has represented women in numerous roles for the advancement of birthing

Rain Inaya Ali

Rain is a certified postpartum, abortion and loss support doula, web-designer and flower medicine maker. Rain’s work recognises that we are still nature, we are still wild. She honours what is intui
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Lucy Barrett

Ever since I was a little girl I was always fascinated with the birthing process. I’d quiz my mother on how my brothers and I were born and I would pour over her books. As I grew up I saw a wome

Rebekah Parker

Rebekah Parker is a mother of 2 beautiful boys aged 3 and 19mths. She is located at Ipswich. She is very passionate about the birth process and is offering support services for pregnant women, becaus