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Angeline Walker

Hi. I’m Angeline. I am new to being a birth Doula and post natal Doula but so very excited to start this new journey. I’m definitely not new to births though. I have had 8 of my own and b

Odile Chaperon

My name is Odile Chaperon, birth and postpartum windwoman, Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner and APPA certified placenta arts specialist. Feeling fearful about birth or apprehensive of the unk
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Amelie Patrux

I am a Birth, Postnatal and Bereavement Doula as well as a registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher. I am 34 years old and based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. I offer compassionate, personalized & ev

Anne Castles

Looking for ways to support yourself to cope with intensity, pain and facing the unknown in your birth? Interested in giving birth with awareness and love, regardless of where or how your birth happen

Natalie Anderson

Hello, I am a student doula at the Australian Doula College who is passionate about supporting women and their families to have an empowering journey throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenting. I

Tamika Colborne

Hi, My name is Tamika Colborne. I am a pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula at Blooming Mothers Doula Services, in the Gladstone and surrounding areas. I am also a proud mother of three boys. When I
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Lauren Campion

Hi Mums and Mums-to-be. I am Lauren and I live in Mandurah with my husband and son. I hired a doula for my son’s birth and it was a wonderful experience. Both my husband and I felt prepared, wel
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Annie Tayleur

Annie is a dedicated Mother, Birth Attendant and Educator from South-East Melbourne. Annie used Meditation, Visualisation, Controlled Breathing techniques and Natural Therapies extensively in order to

Trudy Vains

Hi i’m Trudy and im very passionate about birth – every Doula is – in my area, im the only Doula who offers Packages that include comprehensive child birth education classes, so you are

Mary Giordano

Se habla español – Vea abajo para más información Si parla italiano – Vedi sotto per maggiori informazioni I believe it is vital for the birthing woman to intentionally surround herself wit